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HypnoBirthing Links  • The HypnoClinic’s North West London Venue for HypnoBirthing Classes • The HypnoBirthing Downloads Website for all your hypnobirthing products • The HypnoBirthing Institute in the UK • HypnoBirthing antenatal classes in the East Midlands Hypnobirthing in the Netherlands Hypnobirthing CD in het Nederlands Birth Links • Fantastic site to find everything to do with Natural Birth • The London Birth Centre Ltd, fantastic independent midwife-led birth centre • With Woman, a new site established by two UK midwives, offering articles on birth and midwifery, as well as birth art, poetry, birth stories and education. • Great info and leaftlets on Informed Choices during pregnancy and labour • Great website for finding the right doula • Doula UK, a network of doulas run by doulas • MIDIRS (Midwives Information and Resource Service) • The Association of Radical Midwives  • Great website for choosing where to give birth including maternity statistics • Thinking about a homebirth? Check out this website • Evidence based Midwifery Advice and Resources This site shows you how to use the Birth Ball • The Independent Midwives Association • Midwives online: Great resource site written by midwives and parents Pregnancy & Baby Links • BabyCentre: the pregnancy & baby website to visit, packed full of useful tips and information • BabyWorld: another really enjoyable website for mothers-to-be • With Woman, a new site established by two UK midwives, offering articles on birth and midwifery, as well as birth art, poetry, birth stories and education. • NCT information website including classes    Get all the information, tips, answers and advice you need on pregnancy, baby care, toddler care and preschoolers   Hypnotherapy & Mind Links • Childbirth Hypnosis Downloads website • The General Hypnotherapy Register • The British Institute of Hypnotherapy • Therapy World  • The Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy • UK's Complementary Healthcare Information Service • The Healthypages Therapists & Services Directory • Useful hypnosis information and links • A comprehensive directory of hypnosis resources. New Mum Links • Great website full of resources and forums for the new mum • Coaching for all stages of motherhood
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• Great Tips for baby’s sleep, colic and cyring including toddler tantrums and first born jealousy by author Elizabeth Pantley 
Did you know Scientific research into Hypnosis in Childbirth shows a 3 hour reduction in labour for first time mothers.....
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“The birth of our son Felipe was a wonderful experience and I am so pleased I attended your course!” Kirsty & Luis Gonzalex, Leatherhead, Surrey
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Hypnobirthing - as featured on One Born Every Minute 
MentalistEver wanted to know if someone is lying to you? To know how to read someone's body language? The secrets of Mentalism are an amazing tool that can change your life!
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