I have been fortunate enough to been able to develop my spiritual side even more and I have had an amazing year. I have been playing with the idea to develop an amended type of hypnobirthing class: called Spiritual Hypnobirthing. These classes will of course focus on all the important elements of birthing but with an added sense of spirituality and healing. We will of course be tapping into the power of the universe and cover topics such as: rainbow children, the use of crystals, birth outcomes and past lives raising vibrations etc. I am planning to set up these classes early in the new year. Please feel free to email me if you are interested  reshma@hypnoclinic.net or keep checking this page! Love & Light, Reshma   Specialist HypnoBirthing Practitioner Iyengar yoga teacher Advanced Theta Healing & Intuitive Anatomy Practitioner Theta Healing - Disease and Disorder Theta Healing - Rainbow Children Practitioner Reiki Healer level 1 and 2 Ancient Cellular Hot Stone Massage therapist
Spiritual Hypnobirthing
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