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Reshma is a fully Qualified Hypnobirthing Practitioner with a complimentary background in yoga teaching and alternative medicine.  She has natural intuitive flair and excellent communication skills, putting her clients at great ease and comfort. Her approach is clear, consise and direct, offering simple and effective advice for couples to feel confident and fully informed. She has been teaching HypnoBirthing alongside Helianthe. She gave birth to 2 of her beautiful children in the water in a few hours using the HypnoBirthing techniques Her own experience Reshma has used the HypnoBirthing tools and techniques with the birth of two of her three children. Her first experience over 16 years ago was not a pleasant experience. She used HypnoBirthing to ensure this history wouldn’t repeat herself. She had an amazing waterbirth in the hospital with her second child and then proceeded to give birth at home 3 years later also using the waterpool where she was very aware and in control giving her confidence to deliver her own children. Both her Hypnobirths were extremely quick.
Hi Reshma! Our little girl was born just yesterday  as planned in the birthing centre, naturally in only 4 hours!! We are ecstatic and amazed how effective the techniques were and we can’t wait to do it all over again. We will send you a full birthing story really soon and want to say many thanks for helping us have a fantastic experience. Love John and Harriett
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Hi Reshma, I've been meaning to email you ever since giving birth two weeks ago, but things have been quite busy as I'm sure you can imagine! Little Emily was born on 6th June weighing 7lb 5oz. She's doing really well and is now 8lb 9oz! I will send you a longer email with our birthing story when I get a bit of time (will be at some point in next few days) but wanted to just let you know the hypnobirthing was amazing! My surges started three days before she was born, but the birth itself was very calm and I felt very in control the whole time. It was really nice that Todd was so involved during the birth and we used all the anchoring techniques and breathing exercises you'd taught us. I just had gas and air and found the birth completely manageable. The only bit which was hard work was the pushing at the end, but by that stage I at least knew I was very nearly there. The delivery took 10 hrs in total which I was told was pretty good for a first baby. Anyway I will email you with a more detailed birth story soon. Thanks so much for helping us to make the birth such a calm and happy experience! Tara 
Hi Resh!    Baby Whittaker is here, and he's brilliant! So is Mummy, who got fully  dilated in the birth pool using the hypno techniques and hardly any  gas & air. She was 5cm dilated when we got to the birth centre. I did  light touch massage for around 12hrs straight. The birthing ball was v  helpful. She was even joking with us between surges at one point and  the midwife was amazed how calm and controlled she was throughout.  Unfortunately he didn't seem to want to come out after that point and  we had to have a little bit of medical help, so we are pleased we  chose a hospital with both a birth centre and medical ward as back up.    7lb 10oz, name TBC    First night at home was ok and he's half got the hang of feeding. And  done some NUCLEAR poos!    We are so chuffed, it is an amazing feeling.    Hope you are all doing well,    Tin, Robert & ?(Nimrod)  
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Hi Reshma   Our 1st child was 5days late and Maria arrived 10days overdue..well rather when she was ready.   she was born Tuesday morning 22 June while I was booked for a sweep that Tuesday lunch time :)   I woke up at 2am because of my Braxton Hics who were strong and were unabling me to fall asleep as they kept coming… by 3am I was not sure this was it so woke the husband and within 30mn called the maternity wing to check.. they said to come in so they could check. We called the nanny to look after our 1st girl and by the time she arrives 4.15am I had started a slow breathing thru each surge, there was no doubt the baby was on his way. We made it to hospital at 4.45am , was 4cm dilated and I was quickly unable to talk to anyone , just wanted to shut my eyes and focus on my breathing…which I did no matter how rude I looked to the anesthetist who was talking to me and I totally blanked her out. Ale quickly put on the Relaxation CD, and started stroking my arm (glove script) , these 2 combined with my breathing were really relaxing.   I could hear the deep voice of the CD and some words everynow and then but it was a very nice feeling hearing that very familiar voice around me. i was lying on my side all thru that stage, there was one second where i just wantedto stand up and run and loose control  but that really lasted 1second as I knew that would not be an option and that i could do it all by myself and needed to keep focus on the baby and what was happening inside me.   Then I felt the moment I needed to breath the baby down, I could not believe it was already time to. It only took a few breath for the baby to come out and Sofia was born at 5:56am , just over 1h after our arrival at the hospital in her bag of water! The breathing techniques I learn were so valuable, and definitely helped me put my energy inwards. I was not at all tired like with my 1st birth. Breathing and keeping relaxing all these muscles who wanted to tighten really helped me have a quick birth.   BTW my baby was back to back only 3weeks before the birth when i contacted you and I spend time on the polar bear position and she turned half way which helped.   The midwife was so impressed she said she would look into this hypnobirth   So A BIG THANK YOU from Maria for making her arrival to this world a calm, controlled and wonderful experience for both Alessandro and me.   xxx Katherine & Jo    
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Right now I need to MASSIVELY THANK YOU!! my Hypnobirthing Master, Reshma Sidhpura Tiwari, for all the beautiful tools you taught me. In particular the wonderful breathing techniques that kept my calm during the whole long journey that I faced. Thank you so very much, Resh, you are the best. Me and Edd do recommend your Hypnobirthing course to all our friends, our dear ones! Mind conditioning is the BEST! :-) Lots of love Lazia and Edd xx       
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