Did you know Scientific research into Hypnosis in Childbirth shows a 3 hour reduction in labour for first time mothers.....
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Throughout their combined 15 years experience of HypnoBirthing and teaching Positive Birth Classes, Hilly and Kristin have found that extra sessions came in useful for those attending classes or those wishing to have a positive birth but unable to attend classes. Their indepth knowledge and therapy background was used to create a range of effective and affordable Hypnosis and Hypnobirthing MP3 downloads: for a list of birth hypnosis MP3 downloads click here instant FREE pregnancy relaxation download please fill in your name and email address, you will instantly be sent your free download
How our downloads can help:   Scientific research has shown that hypnosis and relaxation are highly beneficial to mother and baby during pregnancy and birth. If you are stressed or anxious your body will tense and tighten making birth more difficult.  Our MP3 Downloads will help you to achieve a wonderfully deep relaxation for a positive pregnancy and easier birth.   By regularly listening to a selection of our Downloads you are training your brain and your body to associate the voice and music with deep relaxation. Whenever these familiar sounds are heard your mind and body will relax easily.  Repetition means familiarity and you will find yourself relaxing more quickly, more deeply every time you listen.   Eventually just the music and voice alone will act as a trigger to take you into a very relaxed state if you choose to go there.   In this relaxed state your body will feel that it is safe to release your baby and for you to give birth as easily and comfortably as possible.    In this relaxed state it is powerful to imagine a positive experience of pregnancy, birth and beyond.   The more frequently you imagine this the more achievable it will be.   The downloads for specific areas work by introducing positive suggestions and visualisations which can, when repeated regularly, have a powerful effect on physical aspects eg: turning a breech baby or reducing morning sickness.   Even if you do not 'visualise' the suggestions made, you will still benefit from the positive suggestions. Help with choosing:   During Pregnancy Options: Morning Sickness  ~  Positive Birth Phrases  ~  Visualise a Better Birth - Bond with Baby ~  Stress Release - Lake  ~ Breathing  ~  Fear Release During Birth Options: Pain Relief  ~  Positive Birth Phrases  ~  Visualise a Better Birth               Positive Birth Phrases  ~  Breathing Post Birth Options: Quick Recovery ~  Easier Breastfeeding  ~ Confident Parenting    Specific Downloads Options: Turn Breech Baby  ~  Positive Caesarian  ~ Fear Release                      For Birth Partners Options: Partners - how to support  ~  Stress Release - Balloon  ~  Confident Parenting 
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“The birth of our son Felipe was a wonderful experience and I am so pleased I attended your course!” Kirsty & Luis Gonzalex, Leatherhead, Surrey
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