hypnobirthing courses in north london

Group courses

Learn both how to have an empowering birth and know how to manage your contractions, release fears and become more confident. Your birth partner plays an important role during birth as he/she knows you best. Included are powerful hypnobirthing audio sessions, birth plan, birth positions and exercises sheet
London 27th of June 9.30PM – 5PM
London 27th of June 9.30PM – 5PM
London 27th of June 9.30PM – 5PM

Private courses

In the privacy of your own home Reshma will give you the exercises and tools on how to manage your birth beautifully. Birth is a natural process although our mindset can be in the way. Learn on how to avoid being in the way mentally and how to birth powerfully.
Extensive support package is included.

Online courses

In your own time follow the 8 chapters of this powerful online hypnobirthing course. Breathing and relaxation techniques and empowering hypnobirthing audio sessions are included. You will be guided by the most experienced hypnobirthing teacher in Europe.

Transformational healing

One of Reshma’s other specialisms is healing. She has helped and healed hundreds of people with emotional issues, major health issues and traumas. She is very experienced, has many qualifications and is guided by her intuition, the universal energy and her experience.
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Empower yourself with a beautiful birth

Learn how to release any potential fears and grow more confident about your upcoming birth.

You will of course learn the hypnobirthing techniques such a deep breathing for your contractions, how to relax, release your fears and gain more confidence.

You will also be taught on topics such as the phases of birth, massage and birthing positions.

On a deeper subconscious level, placing anchors and triggers for a direct and automatic positive or calm state of mind will also be part of your journey with me during the course.

On top of all these powerful and advanced hypnobirthing techniques, I offer support and help you in case of induction or a breech or transverse baby.

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