Did you know Scientific research into Hypnosis in Childbirth shows a 3 hour reduction in labour for first time mothers.....
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Special 1-day course - £195 only per couple Based on our powerful 1-day private courses Normally only available as a private course. Due to popular demand, we have organised a few more 1-day HypnoBirthing Group Courses. The next few course dates are:  
Thanks for a fantastic course, it not only made for this wonderful birth experience, but also kept me calm and confident for the last six weeks of pregnancy! Cerstin, London  
‘It was a wonderful, natural birth and everything I hoped. Managed to do it with just a tens machine,  which was fantastic, six and a quarter hours from start to finish. WOW! What an experience. I couldn’t have done it without your hypnobirthing course. I practised the techniques a lot in the run-up and it helped me enormously. I am extremely grateful to you, thank you so much.’    Suzy & Stuart, Islington, London  
hypnobirthing london for highly experienced hypnobirthing practitioners
“The birth of our son Felipe was a wonderful experience and I am so pleased I attended your course!” Kirsty & Luis Gonzalex, Leatherhead, Surrey
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Hypnobirthing - as featured on One Born Every Minute 
1-DAY COURSES SW London Classes - SW19 Taking place at the beautiful William Morris House, Wimbledon, near Southfields / Wandsworth  267 The Broadway, South West London, SW19 1SD SW19 1-day Course September:2017: Sunday 10  September 2017 (£195 per couple)  SW19 1-day Course October:2017: Sunday 1  October 2017 (£195 per couple)  SW19 1-day Course October 2017: Sunday 29 October 2017 (£195 per couple)  SW19 1-day Course November 2017: Sunday 26  November 2017 (£195 per couple)  SW19 1-day Course December 2017: Sunday 17  December 2017 (£195 per couple)       Times: 10 am to 6 pm
1-DAY COURSES NW London Classes -  NW3 Taking place at the lovely Philadelphia Association, Hampstead High Str.  NW3. NW3 1-day Course  August 2017: Saturday 12  August 2017 (£195 per couple)  NW3 1-day Course  September 2017: Saturday 9  September 2017 (£195 per couple)  NW3 1-day Course  October 2017: Sunday 8  October 2017 (£195 per couple)  NW3 1-day Course  November 2017: Saturday 4  November 2017 (£195 per couple)  NW3 1-day Course  December 2017: Saturday 9  December 2017 (£195 per couple)  Times: 10 am to 6 pm
During this 1-day course we will teach you the CORE of the course: - how the body works, what to do and what not to - how to breathe through your contractions - how to relax easily and feel more confident - how the partner can help and prepare - how the partner can participate and help on the day - 3 powerful relaxation techniques to prepare - fear release to take care of any worries or doubts - wonderful massage technique - what to do on the day This course also includes your official hypnobirthing book, THREE  powerful relaxation tracks, all your handouts, refreshments and support after the course   Sign up now before this class fills up, to book: BOOKING FORM HYPNOBIRTHING LONDON 1-DAY COURSE Questions? For any  questions about this 1-day group course, please call 07939 925 302 or 0207 267 9519 This 1-day Group Course price includes: - The official HypnoBirthing Book - Attendance for both you and your birthing companion(s) - Refreshments - All course materials - Relaxation/Preparation & Birthing Affirmations CD or MP3s - Birth-Plan - Practise handouts - Support after the course To avoid disappointment, please book well in advance as our courses tend to fill up quickly. Groups are kept small enough to ensure that individual needs are fully satisfied and that techniques are mastered so that you leave feeling confident in your ability to give birth using Hypnobirthing. Course Booking To book you & your birthing partner on the course: please email your name, estimated due date, address and telephone number to the following email: booking@hypnoclinic.net. You will be sent a registration form to confirm your booking. To have a HypnoBirthing practitioner contact you: please email your name, due date and telephone number to the following email: info@hypnoclinic.net. A HypnoBirthing Practitioner will contact you as soon as possible. Pay Online You can now book and pay for your HypnoBirthing course online using your Debit or Credit Card, PayPal or Google Checkout. Click  HYPNOBIRTHING BOOKING to register and pay online for your course. 
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